Bar with open back

This custom made bar was built mostly with recycled pallet wood. The top was made from 3/4" red oak. It contains a spot for a minifridge on the back side. The rustic look was perfect for it's location in a barn. 


Bar with cabinets

This customer found a bar online that he liked and gave me a picture. I created this beautiful bar based on the picture. It contains cabinets with doors on the back side of the bar for plenty of storage. I added LED lighting as a finishing touch. 


My First Bar

I made this bar at my mother's house. It started out as a tiny project, but I got excited and it turned into a full size bar. Before the bar was built, the wall had a tiny bit of exposed brick but most of it was covered with drywall and cheap shelving. I exposed the brick and painted it to create a space for the liquor shelves. The cast-iron piping gives the shelves a nice look. The inside of the bar contains two open shelves for storage as well as a built in kegerator. I installed hanging lights for more lighting. The LED lighting gives it the finishing touch.

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